InteeLabs help streamline everything from designing to delivery at a faster pace



Choose your systems wisely

Inteelabs team has garnered versatile experience in developing “difficult to express and purify proteins” across multiple expression systems.

From strategy designing to characterized cell banks, we define and execute each milestone with well defined output. Experienced in development of high expressing strains using suitable vector combination, we design the strategy based on the application of the protein.

We offer services in Microbial and mammalian host.


Take up confirmed expression system and more defined R&D process to Process development stage

Expression and purification screening is an important process to establish best expression system and process conditions after screening across multiple expression host systems. It helps in development of cost effective process which is useful for scale up studies. Our scouting matrix includes multiple expression and purification parameters. For purification, we have designed tailored procedures depending on properties of protein for Extraction/Purification/Solubilization. Expression scouting is extremely helpful in taking up confirmed expression system and more defined process to process development stage.



Tell us your requirements, we will give you your process

Process development includes extensive R&D activities to establish a robust, reproducible, scalable and economical process through optimization of various physical and biological parameters. Our process development approach always starts with a defined goal having specific milestones and strict timelines that we swear by for delivery of an excellent quality product and services.

Right mix of strategy, technology and controls is what makes Inteelabs offer a high quality product and process with desired growth, productivity and purity. High throughput screening of upstream parameters and downstream unit operations are followed to reduce timelines and reduced cost of goods.


A commercially viable process is what makes a process development journey successful

Scale up studies are done to scale up the production of recombinant molecule referring the already established best expression conditions. We offer process scale up to produce recombinant molecule at large scale for further studies. For microbial/Mammalian cell derived products, our production facility includes bioreactor up to 14L and a range of equipment to support the requirements.



Nothing beats a well characterized protein

Analytical characterization is being done through various biophysical and biological methods. This will help in understanding the molecules physical and biochemical characteristics. This activity includes various techniques including UV-Vis spectrophotometer, HPLC, DLS, Mass spectrometry, Microplate reader etc. All these instruments are available at BSC BioNEST Bio-Incubator (BBB), which is added advantage for our company. This will help us in delivering the product with high quality data generated through these cutting-edge instruments.